DNS Blacklist Monitor

DNS Blacklist Monitor 1.0

DNS Blacklist check and monitor software

DNS Blacklist check and monitor software

Blacklist monitor software lets e-mail system administrators know before users told them that there is a problem in outbound e-mail messages because DNS blacklist monitor software continuously checks if your public IP address is listed in any DNS blacklist and if public IP address of email server has been accidentally registered in any DNS blacklist zone, DNS blacklist monitor software will send a notification to the administrator to take action.

DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) monitor software is the most perfect monitoring and alerting tool on the internet for Email servers administrators to monitor their email servers public IP addresses in DNS blacklists and get alerts by email or mobile SMS if IP address accidentally registered in DNS blacklist.

DNS Blacklist monitor software could be installed on any windows operating system that have internet access and does not require special hardware or dedicated server. it also could be installed with other software’s on the same PC.

Monitors a customized list of DNS blacklists.

Monitor multiple IP addresses.

Allow multiple recipients.

Email alerts and SMS mobile notifications.

Direct links to DNS blacklist removal URL if available.

Support using proxy servers.

Keep your IP addresses privacy.

No need for dedicated hardware resources.

Very cheap compared to other online DNS Blacklist monitoring services.

Free email and web support within the product life cycle.

Free minor software upgrades.

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DNS Blacklist Monitor


DNS Blacklist Monitor 1.0

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